One to One Pilates Sessions

Achieve your riding goals

Tracy offers one to one sessions to address your individual needs whether to rehabilitate following injury or surgery, or to enhance your competitive performance, or simply to improve your partnership with your horse.

The sessions include a comprehensive physical assessment and a variety of therapeutic and movement approaches to help you achieve your goals. You will also receive a detailed exercise prescription following each session. Unless there is a specific musculoskeletal problem that requires a more hands-on physiotherapy approach, clients are normally reviewed at 3-4 week intervals to enable them to progress.

The initial session normally lasts for approximately 90 minutes, subsequent sessions last for 60 minutes.

Of course the rider is only one half of the equation, the likelihood is that your horse has adapted to your riding position and in some cases it is advisable to perform a ridden assessment to assess your riding position any compensatory movement patterns that the horse may have a developed (see Rider Assessment page for further details).

Pilates One to One – Prices

Individual Assessment in Clinic
90 mins = £60

Follow Up 1:1 (after initial assessment)
60 mins = £45

Benefits of Rider Pilates:


  • Strengthens your core – better balance and control
  • Improves stability – less falls, still lower leg
  • Greater symmetry of motion – enabling effective weight aids
  • Independent seat – allows arm and leg movement whilst maintaining a stable base
  • Increases your ability to absorb the horse's motion – greater comfort for the horse
  • Effective and timely application of aids
  • Increased comfort during and after riding
  • Better communication and relationship with your horse

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Would you benefit from Pilates?

Do you collapse to one side, hold one shoulder/hand higher than the other?
Do you put more weight in one stirrup when compared to the other?
If the answer to any of these is yes then you would most likely benefit from Pilates.


Try these simple exercises to find out

  1. Stand on one leg and close your eyes- how long can you balance on each leg- is it an equal amount of time?
  2. Lie on your side with your hip and knees bent to right angles- straighten the top leg and lift up and down 10 x’s keeping it in line with your body-repeat on the other side- do you have similar strength and balance on each side?
  3. If safe to do so- ride several steps down the centre line with your eyes closed- does your horse drift to the left or right? If so the likely hood is that either you are not sitting straight or that you are putting more tension down one rein compared to the other.